Adult Sunday School

Fall 2017

Life, Mission, and Ministry of Jesus

Teacher: Bruce Bakke, Lance Earlywine, Tony Johnson 

  Room  110-112

This video series (Ray Vander Lann) will take us back to the time of Jesus.  It will help us discover the life, the mission, and the ministry of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We will marvel at the magnificence of Herod’s palace, scramble around the ruins of Qumran and wonder at the simplicity and wisdom of Jesus’ parables.  We will discover how the events of Jesus’ day impacted his life, ministry and communication.  And then let them impact ours.  We will also discover how Jesus triumphantly made God’s presence known on earth and how He asks us to do the same.

Give to Live: The Freedom of Being Generous with Your Life

Teachers:Cathy Earlywine

Room 304 (Discipleship Room)

John Wesley said we should earn all we can, save all we can and give all we can.  This is great advice, but the reality for many Christians today is more like, Earn all you can, can all you get, and sit on the lid.  Generosity does not come naturally for most of us, yet it is the first economic principle in God’s Kingdom.  Time after time, God’s Word instructs us to be generous with what God gives us. This is how we honor God, impact others, and receive a blessing in the process.  This study (based on a book by Stan Toler) will inspire and equip us to live generously and to trust God in every area of our lives.  To begin a lifetime adventure of abundance, possibility and blessing.  Our own “Give to Live” life awaits!


The Holy Trinity, Humanity Beyond the Fall and Life in the Church

Teacher: Gaylan Good

Room 114

Unit 1: The Holy Trinity

The Trinity is mysterious and difficult – indeed, impossible – to fully understand.  However, by learning what can be known about this important doctrine, we gain a better understanding of who God has revealed himself to be.  This unit will focus on the Persons of the Trinity” Father, Son and Holy Spirit.                         

Unit 2:  Humanity Beyond the Fall

 What are sin, grace, atonement and sanctification?  We often hear these words in church and during Bible studies, but we don’t always know what they mean.  This unit takes a hard look at the human race and how these theological topics impact our daily lives.

Unit 3:  Life in the Church

Living out the Christian life is not always easy.  During this unit, we will discover how our daily living as Christians is affected by Scripture, the sacraments, the community of God, spiritual growth, and Christ’s return.