Adult Sunday School

Fall 2018

Rethink Your Life

Fellowship Room

To live happy, healthy, productive lives – total quality lives – we must care for our minds just as we care for our bodies.  Gaining control of thoughts, attitudes, and actions is not easy – but we can do it!  Every day we are bombarded by messages that implant themselves into our minds and influences our thinking.  Thoughts become actions and actions become habits, so gaining control of our thoughts is the critical first step in making positive life changes. That’s why the Apostle Paul urged us to bring all of our thoughts into captivity and to abandon the practice of conforming the way we think to the low level of the world around us.  Instead, we should be transformed – by the renewing of our minds!  The late best-selling author, Stan Toler, outlines in this study, the practical steps to rid our minds of destructive thinking and create the positive purpose, clear focus, and effective decision-making that will improve the total quality of our lives. This unique study will lead us to genuine life change through the most basic Christian discipline – renewing our minds!

God Calls People

Room 108

God has always had a people.  The Bible records how the descendants of Israel (Jacob) became a nation.  We will follow the Israelites from slavery in Egypt to the conquest of Canaan.  Along the way we will see how God interacts with His People, calls leaders, and instructs them in what it means to be called “God’s holy people.”

Faith for Life (Young Adults)

Teacher: Eric Robinson

Youth Room

On Sunday mornings, we explore our faith together by focusing on relevant topics that affect our lives. This quarter, we will focus on the fine art of evangelism, the contemporary issue of marriage, and becoming a world Christian. In addition to Sunday mornings, we also meet on Sunday evenings to hang out with young adults from other churches around the community. Our evening meet-ups are always somewhere new, so keep up with us by liking YAI—Young Adult Initiative on Facebook!