Adult Sunday School

Summer 2019

Monumental—Restoring America as the Land of Liberty

SALT Class (Sharing And Learning Together)

Fellowship Room

Back by popular demand (again!) – The DVD Bible study, Monumental. America has undergone a radical shift in recent times, from an exceptional nation – the most free, prosperous, and virtuous in history – a nation under God – to a nation in decline.  There are numerous signs of decay in the American culture: the breakdown of the family; the abandonment of sexual morality; the decline of education; the killing of millions of unborn babies since abortion was legalized; the rise of big government; the hostility to Christianity in schools, colleges, the military, business and government. The good news is with God’s leadership, we can do something to solve these problems and restore America.  We can follow the blueprint that the Founders of the nation gave us to build a free nation.  This 12-lesson course, based on the Kirk Cameron movie, Monumental, provides the blueprint for restoring America as the land of liberty.  Be part of advancing God’s monumental story.

Nazarene Faith Class: What the Bible Says About…

Room 108

In this study, we will be exploring what Scripture (both Old and New Testament) teaches about the essential beliefs of Christianity and the call to live holy lives in response to those truths.


Faith for Life (Young Adults)

Teacher: Eric Robinson

Youth Room

On Sunday mornings, we explore our faith together by focusing on relevant topics that affect our lives. This quarter, we will focus on prophecy and apocalyptic, the discerning Christian, and how to handle life’s ups and downs with forgiveness. In addition to Sunday mornings, we also meet on Sunday evenings to hang out with young adults from other churches around the community. Our evening meet-ups are always somewhere new, so keep up with us by liking YAI—Young Adult Initiative on Facebook!