Adult Sunday School

Summer 2018


The Mayberry Bible Study

Fellowship Room

To teach a lesson, Jesus often told a parable – an earthly story with a heavenly meaning. By using situations from everyday life, parables make spiritual truth more relevant to the listeners. Even the television can be a source of parables, and the best case scenario is The Andy Griffith Show, which first aired in 1960 and ran for eight years (and reruns are still playing today). The show was about a small-town sheriff, living in Mayberry, along with his deputy, family and the characters in the town. For the parables of Mayberry, each story was designed with a lesson in mind. Indeed, many stories that transcend social, racial, and cultural barriers today do so because they contain spiritual truth for which all people have a God-given hunger. Accordingly, these Bible studies can not only provide a time of good fellowship, but also equip the church with ways to reach the world beyond. Each Bible study lesson offers a practical application for daily living; classic episodes with relevant scripture for us to use as modern parables on the teachings of Jesus. Teachings such as:  service, peace, mercy, commitment, pride, accountability, courage, and so much more.

Jeremiah and Lamentations

Room 114

The most unforgettable messages are those that grab our attention. This is the kind of message we will explore in the books of Jeremiah and Lamentations. During this quarter, we will discover that their message has not lost its impact or relevance for us today.

Young Adult Class

Teacher: Eric Robinson

Youth Room

On Sunday mornings, we explore our faith together by focusing on relevant topics like finding God’s will in our lives, seeking wisdom, and understanding the problem of suffering.  In addition to Sunday mornings, we also meet on Sunday evenings to hang out with young adults from other churches around the community. Our evening meet-ups are always somewhere new, so keep up with us by liking YAI—Young Adult Initiative on Facebook!