Adult Sunday School

Winter 2017-18


Isaiah's Messianic Hope

Teacher: Bruce Bakke

Room 114

Isaiah’s hope for Israel was founded on a clear vision of God’s holiness, power, and faithfulness.  This hope was embodied in the person of the Lord’s Servant, the Messiah.  In the advent of Jesus Christ, this hope is revealed to all people; and by His death and resurrection, this hope is fulfilled in all who receive Him as Savior and Lord.  This study will explore the rich resources of Isaiah’s prophecy – how it helped shape the way the early church understood Christ’s mission, and its continuing meaning for believers today.

Women of the Bible - Life Changing Stories for Christians Today

Teachers:Various Teachers

Room 110-112

Beginning January 14. This study will give us a fresh look at the women of the Bible and help us discover new insights and provide a powerful witness to God’s gracious love that will leave us feeling challenged, encouraged and deeply valued.  These lessons will help us apply biblical lessons to our modern-day struggles; live through our failures as well as our successes; draw near to God in a world filled with trials; find contentment in every situation; overcome rejection and insecurity…and much more.

The Word of the Lord - Seeing Jesus in the Prophets

Teacher: Various Teachers

Discipleship Room

Beginning January 14.  In the Old Testament, God spoke to His people through prophets – men specifically called to speak to God’s people.  The New Testament makes it clear that such prophets, whether chastising or comforting, testified to Israel’s final redemption and ultimate hope:  Jesus, the Messiah.  This 7-week DVD-based study will help us gain a fresh perspective on the message of the Old Testament prophets, a broader understanding of Jesu as the fulfillment of Scripture, and much more.  Hopefully, we will grow in our understanding of the sovereign plan of God for His people.  We will discover how God is patient with disobedient people and merciful to those who turn and return to Him.  But mostly, these lessons will help us see the person at the center of God’s plan, His Son, Jesus.

Young Adult Class

Teacher: Eric Robinson

Youth Room

This winter we will spend some time focusing on what it means to spend time with God. We will also explore some contemporary issues regarding life and death. Lastly, we will ask some questions about what we believe and why we believe it.  We also meet on Sunday evenings to hang out with young adults from churches around the community. Our evening meet-ups are always somewhere new, so keep up with us by liking YAI—Young Adult Initiative on Facebook!