Adult Sunday School

Fall 2019

Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study: Peace & Patience

SALT Class (Sharing And Learning Together)

Discipleship Room

Peace, Overcoming Anxiety and Conflict:  How can we experience the “peace which transcends all understanding”?  How can we guard our hearts and minds from the stress of everyday life?  This Fruit of the Spirit Bible study explores God’s prescription for peace.  It helps us discover how we can cope with anxiety, how we can feel safe in God’s care, and how we can live at peace with others.

Patience, The Benefits of Waiting:  “Lord, I want patience and I want it right now!”  It is easier to joke about patience than to become patient.  We can tell God is growing in us when we run into frustrating experiences; when others fail to meet our expectations; when people we depend on let us down.  Most of all, we know we are learning patience when we call out to the Lord for help and He seems to be on vacation.  In the face of such trials, the Bible tells us that patience is worth the wait.  This Fruit of the Spirit Bible study helps us discover the benefits of waiting.


Nazarene Faith Class:

Experiencing Power – Stories from the Early Church

Fellowship Room

In this study from the Book of Acts, we will be exploring the ways in which the early church encountered the transforming power of God and discover the way we can experience this same power in our lives today.  We study the way the early church experienced power through the transforming power of Jesus Christ and also a history of Christian compassion.


Faith for Life (Young Adults)

Teacher: Eric Robinson

Room 108

On Sunday mornings, we explore our faith together by focusing on relevant topics that affect our lives. This quarter, we will focus on the fine art of friendship, the divine call, and Christ & the cross. In addition to Sunday mornings, we also meet to hang out with young adults from other churches around the community. Our Sunday evening meet-ups are always somewhere new, so keep up with us by liking YAI—Young Adult Initiative on Facebook!